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Batslap 2 by horaciosi
Batslap 2
If you complain about the lack of Godzilla in the newer movie, you obviously haven't seen any of the other movies

Sorry for my shitty english
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Ever since i found out that Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season 2 was loosely based of a Sentai which featured previously unseen Ranger suits (to a PR fan, at least), not only i was surprised but also excited to watch a Super Sentai show that was not entirely adapted into Power Rangers. So this August 5 i started watching the Power Rangers that never was: Gosei Sentai Dairanger, and now that i just finished watching it i can tell you that this ok......not bad, not great but it's competent.
Here's the summary of the plot: Eight thousand years ago, the Daos Civilisation flourished in Southern China. It was made up of three separate tribes - the Dai tribe, the Shura (who went on to become modern day's humanity) and the Gorma. However one day the Gorma tribe decided to take over both the Daos and the world itself, leading to a 5000 year war between the Dai and the Gorma. The Dai defeated the Gorma, whose magical powers granted them the ability to turn into monsters, with the help of five Dai warriors whose high Qi powers allowed them to control the five mythical Qi beasts.
Years later, the Gorma reappear on Earth and continue their plans for conquest. In retaliation, the mysterious Master Kaku assembles a team of five youths with high Qi levels to become the new Dairangers. These five are Ryo of the Heavenly Fire Star (Ryu Ranger), Daigo of the Heavenly Illusion Star (Shishi Ranger), Shoji of the Heavenly Gravity Star (Tenma Ranger), Kazu of the Heavenly Time Star (Qilin Ranger) and Rin of the Heavenly Wind Star (Houou Ranger). During their battles, they are told they will soon be joined by a sixth Dairanger. This is none other than Kou of the Howling New Star (Kiba Ranger), a nine year old boy who comes from both Dai and Gorma blood.
I'll star up by saying that the show's strengths lies within the story arcs: All of these story arcs rank from good to excellent and every single one of them are well crafted with engaging build-ups and good pay-offs, my favorite being (aside from the 9 part finale which is also great) the Kibaranger and Three Ladies story arc as it is the introduction to the show's 6th Ranger (and my favorite character) and includes great character development for Kibaranger and a great villain that, thankfully, sticks around for the rest of the series. Another great thing about Dairanger that sets is apart from other Super Sentai shows is the choreography: When the characters morph......I MEAN CHANGE! into their Ranger suits, it's hard to convince the audience that the suit actors are the same ones playing the characters outside the suits, but no exception, BUT at least here each actor that play their parts outside the suits used their own unique fighting style, meaning that the actors can pull off the same choreography as the suit actors. With this choreography also came some impressive battle poses during the transformation roll call. One highlight of the show comes towards the end (episode 46 i think) when the actors manage to pull off some of these complicated poses for an out-of-suit roll call, making Dairanger THE VERY FIRST Super Sentai show to feature a suitless roll call.
However now we come to the bad aspects of Dairanger. I'm gonna skip some ones since this is a spoiler free review and focus into my number 1 problem with Dairanger, the one that kept me from liking this show, the pacing: The show constantly shifts from story arc, to one-shot episodes, to story arc again, so on and so forth. When you have story arcs as good as these ones, you want them to continue making arcs, but no. Even when a story arc ends on a cliffhanger, the show doesn't come back to it until after a couple of one-shot stories. These one-shot stories not only are unengaging but they don't tie in with the previous story arc. Consider this: In Star Trek: The Next Generation theres a little two-parter that some of you may have heard about called THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS. Ever heard of it? This episodes are great for many reasons. They're intense, well written and keep your attention enough to wanting to know what's happening next. So much so that the following episode, despite having it's own plot, shows the consequences of the events of the last episode. Same thing with Star Trek Voyager's two-parter, Scorpion. Epic story and the next episodes shows how the events of the two-parter affected the characters. If Dairanger would of done the same thing, it would of been great, But instead the story arcs that kept you interested are followed by boring ass single episodes that have ZERO impact on the story and when the show has an ultimate goal, it only creates impatience. Which leads me to one last problem the show had: The stories of two "important" characters. Because this is a spoiler free review i won't tell their names, but they are ShishiRanger's (the Green Ranger) love interest and RyuuRanger's (Red Ranger) rival. Both of this characters have their own character arcs that also provide some character development for the Rangers, but the problem is these episodes that comprise their stories are scattered throughout the series and when these episodes end, these characters don't show up until many episodes later. It would of been like if in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season 1, the Green Ranger didn't had a five-part episode, but rather shows up for one episode, dissapears and comes back MANY episodes later only to do it again and again. What's insulting is that in the final story act, the show pretends that these characters contributed something relevant to the story AND THEY DIDN'T. One good thing i noticed is that some episodes are actually two-parters and despite featuring characters that where never mentioned again, they did have relevance to the story and where in fact important. And last more thing: Dairanger........WHAT THE FLYING FUCK IS WITH YOUR OBSETION WITH THE WORD "UNFORGIVABLE"? I'm not kidding when i say that the characters say this word more times that a character from Sonic the Hedgehog say "Long time no see". I said this to Christopher Nolan and i say it to Japan: NOBODY TALKS LIKE THAT!!!! LEARN ABOUT BASIC HUMAN INTERACTION, FOR FUCK SAKE!!!!!DX<
I have some other problems with the show, but again......spoiler free review, so i'll end this by telling my final thoughts.
While i don't think that Dairanger lived up to the hype it receives in tokusatsu circles, it still no less a good show full of decent stories, design and choreography, it just didn't lived up to my expectations (not until the 9-part finale which was EXACLY how i pictured the show was gonna be).

Final score: 3.4/4
Gosei Sentai Dairanger review (spoiler free)
I decided to post my TV series reviews on my gallery rather than my Journal. I also decided to ad brief summaries of the plot.

Sorry for my shitty english
So, the new Godzilla movie has been released 3 months ago, reviving the franchise after the colossal travesty that was Final Wars. I, like many others were looking forward to this movie, but after it's announcement, much to my irritation, people had been saying the exact same thing: "This movie better be an improovement over the 1998 dissaster" "Let's see if Americans get it right this time" "I hope Gareth doesn't screw it up like Rolan did" and EVEN AFTER the movie came out, people still went like "This movie puts the 1998 one to shame!" "Suck it, Rolan!" blah blah blah!! So i ask this: Why do you still act like Rolan Emmerich and Dean Devlin commited genocide after all these years?
I'm not gonna defend the movie saying that is not as bad as everyone makes it out to be, because it IS as bad, both as an adaptation and as a film itself. You are right, this movie sucks despite my childhood experience......but i let it go AND YOU SHOULD TOO!!!!
That's not to say that you should stop hating the movie, you have all the right in the world to hate it, i'm saying that you should stop shoving it into Emmerich's and Devlin's face like they did something unforgivable and they need to be reminded of it 24/7.
So why you should let it go? Because both Rolan and Dean, on numerous occasions, APOLOGIZED for this movie. That's right. Both of them regret making such hideous abomination and they took all the blame for it. Not only that, but both of them showed their full soport to Gareth Edwards for the new movie and they were interested in seeing it since they had FAITH IN IT!!.....WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT??!!!!
Like it or no, it's time to accept their apologies and it's also time to stop acting like the butthurt fanboys that you are acting as. So Rolan and Dean: I forgive you. It's that so hard to say?

Sorry for my shitty english

PS: In case you're wondering, yes. If Ryuhei Kitamura issues and apology for Final Wars and if he means it, i am willing to forgive him.
Before i start i wanna say two things. One, i know i said that during my watching of Kamen Rider W i would of done a review of GaoGaiGar. That's gonna wait because there's somethings i still have to think about. Not to mention that review is gonna have spoilers. Which brings me to my second point: This review is gonna be my first with spoilers, but worry not because i will tell you when do the spoilers start and end.
With that said, Kamen Rider W was good.
Our two heroes are very much the opposite of each other - Shotaro, the head of a private detectiveagency, has a heart of gold but not too bright, while Philip, his amnesiac partner (with a questinable fanshion sense), may have access to all the world's knowledge, he keeps himself to himself and seems to have little interest in the outside world. As these two characters work together, they both take on a little bit of each other's way of thinking and grow into more rounded characters. They're often serious, but not to the point they can't work with comedic settings.
Since this is where i mention the characters, i would mention their "boss" Akiko, but this is also the part of the review where i say possitive things about the show, so more on her later.
The idea behind having to protagonists is that Kamen Rider W is actually two people in one. When Shotaro puts his W Driver on, Philip's appears on him and this allows them to comunicate regardless of their distance, which is thanks to the fact that the W Driver links their minds into each other, thus allowing them to act like one person inside the suit as Philip transfers this mind into the Driver when inserting his Gaia Memory (the series' main collectable item-DAH I MEAN!! Henshin Item) making Shotaro the base body of W. However, is not always Philip who transfers his mind into the Gaia Memory. Later in the series their acquire the Fang Memory and is Shotaro who transfers his mind and making Philip the base body.
The villains of the series is the organisation simply titled "Museum" founded by the Sonozaki family. Made up of Ryubee and his daughters Saeko and Wakana are the perfect villains because they are human. Their twisted view of Fuuto and mission in life is what makes the characters threatening, and evolve just as much throughout the show as the protagonists do. The other key antagonists that come and go, Kirikho and Shinkuro, are opposite ends of the spectrum - with one honorable and the other power mad.
My favorite member of the Sonozaki family is Wakana who gets alot of character growth throughout the series. While she puts up a shy and kindly persona on her radio show, her true personality is the complete opposite (Social commentary?). Out of all of the members of the Sonozaki Family, she is the least involved with the Gaia Memory business, but she didn't have a problem with doing the evil things that the family did. It wasn't until meeting with Philip that she started to have second thoughts. I won't say more since even thought i said i would reveal some important plot details, i really want you to see how good of a character Wakana is by yourself.
I don't have much to say about the secondary Rider, Terui Ryu (Kamen Rider Accel). I loved the fact that, despite his personality, he's not a loner nor W's rival but actually joins the agency and becomes their ally. I also love his suit design, having a motorcycle motif and a Gunblade-like weapon that, despite not actually being capable of shooting, the trigger does serve a purpose. Suck it, Squall.
But now we come to the negative aspects of Kamen Rider W.
In the very beginning of the first episode we learn that Shotaro's boss and Akiko's father died in a shoot
Really. We never learn anything about this character aside that his name is Sokichi Narumi and Shotaro looked up to him. That's it. And i know that a little bit of him is told in the Crossover movie "Movie War 2010", but i haven't seen it yet because.......originaly i planned on seeing Kamen Rider Decade first, but i couldn't find a full playlist on YouTube so i settled with W......until i found out that the same user who had the W playlist DID have all episodes of Decade and by the time i found out i already started with W......oops *anime sweatdrop*
Kamen Rider W follows a two-episode story arc structure that started with Den-O......and i hate that. If you're one of the two people who reads my reviews, you would know that i'm a sucker for story arcs and while W does have continuous stories, they're hidden beneath stories about conflicts and characters that only appear for two episodes and are never mentioned again......what's the point? This just slows everything down and makes the series feel episodic when it does have a continuous story telling. Is thanks to the two-episode story arc structure that i nearly gave up on W and i'm glad that this SEVEN YEAR LONG trend ended when Gaim said "enough of this shit".
Speaking of year long trends that recently ended, W also follows a trend that started with Decade. That being that the series has only two Riders and it's "compensated" by the main Rider having a shit load of power ups. I realize it's just a nitpick, but i didn't liked that either, there's just no a whole lot of variety. I know Kamen Rider OOO had like three Riders but the third one was just a semi-repaint of the secondary Rider......woohoo -_- but yeah, it's i know it's just personal preference, but i'm glad that it (arguably) ended when Wizard came out.
And now we come to Akiko. Dear Tommy Oliver! This character is beyond annoying. She is the single most teeth grinding, hair pulling, ear ripping, jaw breaking, nose punching, face shredding, irritating character I HAVE EVER GODDAMN MOTHERFUCKING SEEN IN MY ENTIRE LIIIIIIIIIIFE!!!!!! And i've seen Power Rangers RPM.
I did my best to describe how unbearable she is, but really, it's near impossible to do so. But let's get down to the most irritating fact about her: Aside from coming up with conclusions that do end up being true, she does, are you ready for this? NOTHING USEFUL!!! There's an entire two-part episode where she goes undercover to the Sonozaki mansion as a maid and who she thought it was the culprit was the wrong person. Usless usless usless usless usless USLESS!!!!
And there's another two-part episode centered around her solving the mystery......And, what do you know? It's the most annoying episode ever. It's so loud an obnoxious it makes Kyoryuger look subtle and quiet. So much so that i didn't even bothered finishing the first part. And did i mention that she has a catchphrase?........GAAAAAAAHHH!!!!
I know i'm not really describing why she's so annoying, that's because it's kinda hard to, you have to experience it by yourself. Ok, enough about her or else i'll start killing people. Bottom line: She's annoying.
And now we come to SPOILER TERRITORY. If you don't want to get the last few episodes spoiled, skip to the part i say SPOILERS OVER.


During episode 47, it's revealed that Philip is dying (for reasons i forgot) and if he and Shotaro transform, he'll die. So he asks Shotaro that they'll only transform to rescue Wakana who turns out it's his sister. Shotaro agrees......only to break that promise when Philip asks him to transform.
Blah blah blah discussion, blah blah blah reconciliation. They finally agree and they transform for the final time. After the final battle, Philip dissapears.
One year later, it looks like Shotaro moved on with his live, but it turns out it's false as he still has a case of "Force of habit"......yeah, i don't buy that. A whole year without Philip and still he's not accustomed to his absence? Who is he? Hiyori from Kabuto?
But anyway, here comes the reason why i'm making this spoiler section: Wakana finds a way to bring Philip back.....and she does.
Ok, i know they wouldn't kill off a character that makes the title Rider possible, but if you were gonna bring him back to life anyways, what was the point of making his issue so dramatic in the first place?!! And the kicker? The way Wakana brought him back was from the very definition of Deus Ex Machina, A.K.A, something that was never established before and was only brought up in the last minute.
Before you mention Kendrix's death and revival in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, here's the thing: The episode (where she died) didn't wasted time in building up her death, it was spontaneous and unexpected. They didn't go "we're gonna kill her!....we will!!....don't think we wont!!....she....she won't come back!!....she'll die!!" like W did and while her revival was a huge kick in the balls, it wasn't made worse by pointless build-up.
For all of the show's great writting, this was not one of them.


Overall, despite it's glaring flaws, Kamen Rider W is indeed a great show. It's beyond flawless, but those flaws it has are either things down to personal preference or so minute that they don't hamper the end product. What it is is a show with engaging plot lines that stick to its motif, brilliant characters, great action and themes that often veer into territory that Western children's TV probably wouldn't dream off. W comes highly recommended as a show that won't just please die hard toku fans, but one that could probably sell newcomers on it too.
Oh and just so you can skip that annoying two-parter i mentioned, it's episodes 25 and 26. To catch up with the story, just watch the prologue or read the plot… . You're welcome.

Final score: 3.5/4

Next stop


Sorry for my shitty english


I speak both Spanish & English

Hablo tanto Español como Ingles













Does anybody know where can i find episodes of Wakfu (with subtitles)?
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