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Like RPM, Power Rangers in Space is one of the rarest ocations where fans agree that is superior to it's Sentai counterpart, Megaranger. But does that imply that Megaranger is bad? Cuz they never seem to specify. After watching all 51 episodes of Megaranger, i can confirm that it's ok in a decent way.
While the characters didn't grabbed me that much, i'll still go over them. Date Kenta comes across as a slacker who doesn't take his work seriously (not even in school), but the series does a good job at fleshing him out in that he does show a very mature sense of responsibility of his mission and he's willing for fight for what he believes in, no matter of what the cost and what the odds are. Kouichiro is a very capable strategist, he's diciplinary towards the team, he's serious about his mission and expects everyone to take the mission seriously and does a pretty good job at keeping everyone in line........and this show will NOT LET YOU forget about his characteristics! His disagreements towards Kenta (and vice versa) are justified since they're polar opposites and i have to give credit to the show for that, even if Kouichiro's characteristics are shoved in your face.
Shun is the most reluctant to join the team, but after being touched by Kenta's courage he embracess his responsibility. He sadly doesn't have much character development that carries on in the show like Kenta and Kouichiro, since episodes devoted to him are filler episodes with plot lines that are never metioned again.
Chisato and Miku can be clumsy (and again, they will not let you forget about Miku's clumsiness), but they know how to do their job and at times their relationships can be rocky but they will be there for each other.
Yuusaku is my favorite character, but sadly he's the one that gets the shaft the most as he doesn't get much development and even worst, barely shows up in his later episodes. In the first two episodes, his suit (being the Megaranger prototype) only lasts for 2 minutes and 30 seconds and that could justify his lack of appearances, but is when he solves his time limit problems that he barely shows up in the series. During many filler episodes he only appears right at the end to save the Megarangers with his Mega Winger (yes, they re-used the name of his mech for Power Rangers in Space, just like Mega Voyager) and when the mecha fight it's over, he doesn't stay for the epilogue (Dairanger also had this problem). He doesn't even participate in the team's roll call. I felt that his character was much cooler when he had his time limit, as it allowed his action sequences to be more higher paced.
For the first time, i will mention the mentor of the series, Dr.Kubota. I really liked his character alot. I felt the he had this carisma and presence of not just being the leader for also a good father figure and he really shows that he cares for the Megarangers and will do anything for them and he's always has their back. This is the kind of guy you want if you want a really good boss or a father.
Each character represents something in digital tecnology and it gives them a unique hability (except for Yuusaku). For ejample, Miku represents a cellphone and can find sounds. Chisato (refferencing Mika from Bioman) has her gimmick as a camera and has infrared vision and these habilities are used well.
That's basically all the positives aspects of the series, so now i'll move on with the negatives.
This is a small nitpick, but it just bothers me the shit out of me. There's an episode where they make a big deal out of Galaxy Mega almost being torn apart. They treat him like a living being and they even go on a to say that "He's a warrior, build to fight. When he's knocked down, he always finds the strenght to come out on top" HE'S A MACHINE!!!! A FUCKING ROBOT!! HE'S NOT SENTIENT!! He did all of those things thanks to the Megarangers! This isn't Gaoranger, is a series based on tecnology! Stop treating him like a human! He's not!
There's this villain called Guirail, who you may know as Darkonda from In Space, who comes in the middle of the series and he's a very good villain. Ruthless and scheming, he leaves a very good first impression and his following appearances don't why am i mentioning him in the section of the review where i talk about the negative aspects of the show? Because he barely appears and once he's gone, he's never mentioned again.
Towards the end of the series, a conflic for the Megarangers came up in that the citizens hated them. Why? Because they were getting invovled in fights between the Megarangers and the Nezirezia (the villains).....AND THEY BLAME THE MEGARANGERS!! .......WHAAAAA?!!! You're blaming the people that come at the last minute to protect you? WHY?! Is not their fault that you're involved in this. IS THE NEZIREZIA'S FAULT!!!!.......HELLO!!!! Needless to say, that was a contrived conflic.
For a season had had a opening theme song with an optimistic feel, the filler episodes we pretty damn boring (safe for episode 17 which was alot of fun). After the first two episodes, it got really boring really fast and the only episode that was central to the story was number 8, which had an amazing fight between Kenta and Yugande (A.K.A, Ecliptor) but even after that episode, the series didn't picked up until Yuusaku's introduction in episode 24. 20 filler episodes of pure boredom, even if episodes 6 and 20 introduced the Digitank and Delta Mega, but aside from those, nothing interesting in the first half.
You might be wondering why i haven't covered the villains. Well, that's because the villains were the biggest weakness of the series. They suffered the same problem as the ones from Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue: They only had development until the very end. Only here is much, MUCH worse. How? Shiborena's (who BTW is a TERRIBLE actress, who raises her voice but always looks bored) backstory is revealed.....literaly RIGHT BEFORE SHE DIES!! And as for Dr. Hinelar, he reveals his motives DURING THE FINAL BATTLE.
But Yugande is much worse. Not only he gets ZERO development and equal amound of backstory, he also has the same amount of presence and carisma despite his great voice actor (We'll miss you,
Hirotaka Suzuoki). He's just a grunt who's just simply there, while as for Ecliptor has a much more expanded role, a personal conection with Astronema. He's a paternal figure to her and he's well fleshed out.
Finally, the Nezirangers (A.K.A, Psycho Rangers). While they were great oponents to the Megarangers, which led them to think creative ways to defeated them (which were carried over to In Space), the Psycho Rangers felt more intimidating and threatning compared to the Nezirangers. The Nezirangers felt a little too stereotypical and a little monotone, while the Psycho Rangers had this mad carisma and this "you don't wanna fuck with us, bitch" attidude.
Overall, while In Space is the
indisputable best show, Megaranger is by no means a bad show. I was just expecting it to be a fun ride based on the opening theme. Yeah i know, "don't judge a book by it's cover" don't remind me. Shut up.
Boring filler episodes aside, Megaranger is a decent series. Oh and episode 44 is a clip show, so also skip that one. As for the other filler know what? Check this series out and see for yourself.

Final score: 3.1/4

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Does anybody know where can i find episodes of Wakfu (with subtitles)?
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